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Look from the diet of Lhasa city multicultural

Date: 2015-04-29

As is known to all, ghee, tea, zanba, beef and mutton is the diet of Tibet "treasures", these are an essential part of native Tibetan life. Tibet and mainland exchanges less before, their staple food is to eat these, rarely eat vegetables. With the deepening of the Tibetan and communication, the tibetans eating habits are also changed.
Now walk in the streets of Lhasa, all kinds of restaurants in our line of sight, Tibetan sweet tea house, sichuan cuisine, western fast food... The life of people more and more rich, more optional.
Into the saint horse square on the second floor of the great luck sweet tea house, full-bodied amorous feelings of the Tibetan, bustling people accidentally see few backpackers, learned they are tourists to Tibet, the Tibet want to savor its tea, sweet tea, yak meat, such as Tibetan food, these unique flavor left a deep impression on them. Wife of shop-owner told reporters in the summer tourist season, many visitors come here to drink tea, eat zanba, and even foreign tourists visit occasionally. Frequented here puebla tsering, told reporters that he like the atmosphere here, also like the ping soup (sound).
Lhasa residents is no stranger to dicos, dicos in Lhasa city has several stores, is the earliest opening is located on the second floor of the jokhang temple square, the family, after opening by everybody's like, especially children like French fries, chicken nuggets, hamburgers. Western fast food has a place in Lhasa, leisure is not only to the sweet tea house, people think of will also think of go and sit in the dicos, coke, orange juice to drink... Sitting under the upstairs to see busy barkhor, is also a kind of enjoyment.
Most outsiders in Lhasa from sichuan province, sichuan people participate in the construction of Tibet, they also bring a favorite sichuan food and hot pot, hot pot can be seen everywhere in Lhasa, the reporter shu on the road is located in jiangsu, in nine incense met several Tibetan boys are eating hot pot, and talked with them, they like to eat red soup pot, point of their favorite food, let the vegetables in the rolling of the pot rolling, such as food cooked dipped in sesame oil, the taste is great. Hot pot is not only we sichuan people like, like Tibetan friends. In Lhasa and the improved Tibetan hot pot, it is said that is from sichuan hot pot.
In such a special city of Lhasa, from different places, people of different nationalities together here, people's life style, life habits blend each other in each other's exchanges, learn from each other's good. Each other's way of life, living habits and values can be recognized by most people in the fusion of each other, and form a more dynamic multivariate culture.
Lhasa is an inclusive city, from different places, people of different nationalities live together in snow area plateau, work together for our wonderful new Tibet.