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Sholton: delicious yogurt taste enough

Date: 2015-04-29

The nomads of the plateau, is engaged in the field work, conditional perennial eat yogurt cheap and fine. People often eat yogurt can have this kind of feeling, that is not happen bloating.
Come to Tibet, the traditional concept of "yogurt" will be turning. Tibetan yogurt that thick layers, clean and pure taste, just like there pure blue sky dotted with white clouds, the state can't surpass.
Tibet yak yogurt as a Tibetan people's indispensable food and gifts, for thousands of years. Here is the biggest holiday of the year the sholton ", is named by yogurt.
Tibet yak yogurt in the process of production and processing will not add anything beyond the natural ecology, such as food stabilizer, additive, powdered sugar, water, etc. For thousands of years, is to use probiotics yogurt as a starter, and that can't see "probiotic" also has brought the unique highland chivalrous frame of mind style with effect.
After thousands of years of evolution, the idea of people and try to make Tibet yak yogurt how to eat.
The practice of pure yak yogurt
Choose just out of not more than 30 minutes of yak milk into the container, heat the cooked. Such as the temperature dropped to 40 ℃ or so, will be reserved for overnight fermented yogurt with among them, the simple sealing placed outdoor, let sunshine of Tibet and the temperature of dry and auxiliary its slow fermentation. After 6 hours into the refrigerator to eat. After making good yogurt solidifies into a block, with a white, like "tofu", taste sour and pure, extremely rich nutrition.
Fun yogurt food acquisition
1, frozen yogurt, choose fresh yak yogurt, supplement various flavors of jelly made of gels, blend color, taste sweet.
2, zanba yogurt: scene produced by hand using fresh yak yogurt supplement Tibetan staple food zanba, small pill place yogurts, above a plateau life fully experience the warm atmosphere.
3, chang yogurt: creative people will combine chang when eating yogurt, entrance of acid, sweet, fresh, smooth the taste of different levels journey began.
4, banana yogurt: banana slice or reading, or will the banana puree, spread on the yogurt, let the taste of the banana and yogurt mix, leave a happy mood.
5, yogurt fruit salad: yogurt instead of salad sauce, mix on all kinds of fruit, make a yogurt fruit salad. This is the Tibetan girls are keen beauty food.
6, yogurt rice: the steamed rice into the container, take proper amount of yogurt cover and add sugar, fruit, etc., a feature to eat dessert class staple food is ready. Yogurt with rice and one of the main food of Tibetan temple monks.
7, yogurt cake: you don't think that is made of yogurt cake! This is the Tibetan people invented for food with yoghurt, a type of Fried bread than Fried dough sticks thick, is less than the cake. Cake collocation of yogurt, the taste is just fine.
Yogurt moisturizing facial mask: Tibet yak yogurt of probiotics have special "heal the wounded and rescue the dying" function, uv damage on the plateau had a very good prevention and repair effect. Washing a face, apply a layer of yogurt, about 15 minutes after rinse, smooth and silky skin.
In Tibet, recognized as the best yogurt in a male, there is also most Tibet yak grazing.
Cloth palace in Lhasa city, go, go to a place called "yogurt fang".