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The princess wencheng playback on May 1st

Date: 2015-04-29

The princess wencheng large live-action drama rehearsal is currently in place, will soon begin to dress rehearsal. The reporter understands survey, it's a long time, although the recovery performance but tourists and residents to the princess wencheng full of expectation. The princess wencheng drama what new changes this year, what are the stage effect promotion? Recently, the reporter is most concern of the public and tourists had an interview with the princess wencheng of the director and producers.
"Every action, rehearsal carefully, pay attention to before and after the change of formation, to know every tiny change action by heart." Recently, the reporter at the scene to see the princess wencheng rehearsals, actors are under the guidance of the director of the second act of the rehearsals. Full engagement live actors, under the guidance of the director of every action, every go practice, strive for more neatly unified action. Lhasa and potala cultural creative industry development co., LTD., head tells a reporter, "the princess wencheng" on May 1, 2015 formally restore external performance, in order to facilitate the performance, the players are not to waste time rehearsal, to ensure the performance reaches the effect. From 9 a.m. to 5 o 'clock in the afternoon of the morning, the actors uninterrupted rehearsals, although very hard, but they don't have any complaints, fully into the rehearsal.
2015 "princess wencheng" compared with last year, this year's new highlight what to watch for and where is it? The director told reporters that this year the play strengthen the finely crafted in detail, on the part of the dance moves larger changes, part of the sequence is more artistic conception, the actors will be played from a distance. Props aspects on the basis of the original 8 for blue mask increased to 2, will also increase the wheat-rick and sharp thangka, etc.; In the third act, princess wencheng dream sontzen gampo meet scene, the actors will use the with flowers, hadad, create a feeling of flowers. In addition, the show will also be more close to life, it will have a "happy family", in a family of four old man and the child took the dog to go for a walk leisurely in Lhasa, show the people of Tibet to a broad audience the most real life scenarios. Live-action drama "the princess wencheng," only 527 this year, are local people of Tibet, relative last year nearly 600 actor decreased nearly 80, fewer but actor's appearance rate will be higher.
The princess wencheng live-action drama executive director bletilla, said this year's "princess wencheng" whether in the stage, imposing manner or scene shocks effect, will not be less than last year, will bring unexpected surprises for the audience. Princess wencheng actor Yang Huan told reporters: "I can obviously feel this show is getting better and better, the director is excellence." Kind of awareness as the princess wencheng supporting Tibetan hospital Lin also tentatively amorous feelings street for the official opening of this year "51", at the appointed time, viewers will no longer be when the princess wencheng to watch the performance of the single, there is a good place for shopping sight seeing.