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Held in Lhasa "GuWenChang as example to do" four haves "cadres" subject to discuss

Date: 2015-04-29

On the evening of April 23, held in Lhasa "following the example of GuWenChang do" four haves "cadres" project learning session. Autonomous region party committee standing committee and the steady tightening Lhasa municipal party committee secretary, municipal party committee "real" and "loyalty clean bear" special education leadership team leader presided over zara and speech. Our correspondent single tsering perturbation
The evening of April 23, held in Lhasa "following the example of GuWenChang do four cadres" project learning session.
Autonomous region party committee standing committee of municipal party committee secretary, municipal party committee, Lhasa "steady tightening three solid" and "loyalty clean ACTS as a" special education leadership team leader presided over zara and speech.
Vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Zhang Yanqing, vice secretary of municipal party committee, deputy mayor Chen yong, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of Long Zhigang, vice secretary of municipal party committee, xin-ming ma, vice secretary of municipal party committee, minister of united front work department DaWa, municipal committee, lang nima, Yuan Xunwang, wang hui, Zhou Puguo, CiRenWangDui, Chen, HongGuZhi, blended, Peng Yi tao to attend.
The meeting communicate learning for the People's Daily, people's BBS series what GuWenChang left cadres. Zhang Yanqing, lang nima, CiRenWangDui, blended, virlisen, peng leap, Chen Xiansen on track4, combining the reality of their study and work made a thoughtful, intelligent, have a deep communication.
Qi, zara said in his speech, on January 12 this year, xi jinping, the general secretary in the first phase of the county party committee secretary workshop with the central party school students to carry on the discussion and delivered an important speech stressed that must conscientiously study and carry forward the spirit of JiaoYuLu, vying for a party, a people in your heart, in your heart in the heart of "four haves" cadres duty, and a ring in your heart. "Four haves" requirement is an organic unity of the whole, connect with each other, promote each other, is our each party members and cadres, especially leading cadres of the clerkstarts basic to follow. The whole city general party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, to accurately grasp the scientific connotation of "four haves" requirement and inner link, in-depth understanding of these new ideas, new ideas, new, achieve true insight, understanding, true faith, earnestly.
Qi, zara, points out that GuWenChang as example, is to put the "three steady tightening real" and "loyalty clean bear" fulfills the requirements of the "four haves" as a code of conduct, through the labor of duty, director throughout all aspects of business. One must be loyal, is absolutely reliable. Idea of the party constitution, strictly abide by the party's political discipline, at any time, any circumstances to ideological political action and maintains highly consistent with xi comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee; The heart is the masses, service the masses.
From the crowd, to the masses, everything for the masses, all rely on the masses, how does the practical work for the masses and do good; Third, we need to burden to take on responsibilities and carry. Adhere to the principles, serious and responsible, dare to think, dare to do, something, in the spirit of "nail" overall coordination to promote the reform, development and stability of the industry, and to share, benefit the party; Fourth, we need to stick to the bottom line, clean. Do awe, keep the bottom line, do not touch the red line, the high tension line, innocent life, clean the officer.
Qi zara stressed that facing the new situation, new tasks, the new normal, practice the "four haves" requirement, is to dare to break the "do not do the same, do a good bad alike" of the "normal", strive to resolve "not as, not as a, as a" problems, further build director want to dare, director-general, thick atmosphere of achieving it, is not an accident.
The director is a "want to" sense of responsibility. Only want to party members and cadres, to go to behave, doing good, achieving it. Must first study pays special attention to education, make the broad masses of party members and cadres truly understand, understand, understand the requirements of the "four haves" spirit, consciousness from the bottom of my heart to remember "four haves" requirements, thus further firm political belief, build a spiritual pillar, set corresponds to the clerkstarts thought idea, the mental state and working standards, strengthen the party members and cadres at all levels "willing to" sense of responsibility.
2 it is to have "dare to behave" true courage. Counties (area), city, area) in (straight units to in-depth ZhaBai existence prominent question, and to dare to dare to do, to dare to rush to dare to try, to dare to be the first working attitude, to break through, chew bones, real courage and boldness of vision, with new ideas, new thinking, new measures and new methods to solve these problems, really reflect the masses the most intense, the most urgent need to solve the problem and the bottleneck problem of accelerating the development of people's livelihood, solve them one by one, concentration, and fully implemented.
3 it is to have "achieving it" execution. Under the new normal economic development, we must be with stronger force, higher standards and more initiatives, in deepening reform, project construction, industrial development, urban and rural construction, maintaining stability, etc, more work, achieving it, form a powerful force to build beautiful home happiness in Lhasa, strive to promote leapfrog development and lasting stability in Lhasa.
Four is to have a "firewall" of "no accident". The whole city general party members and cadres to keep in mind that xi jinping, general secretary of "officials don't want to get rich, want to get rich, do not have to go to an" inculcation, often think of the harm, chang huaikang heart of self-disciplined, set up correct authority view, values, and take the lead in enhancing defense, stay awake, not for money, not for fame and wealth, e method of law-abiding usage model according to law, build a cadre and uprightness, clean government, good political ecological political correctness.
Dawa, Tan Shuhui, sleep root, JiMing, tsering epicenter, Yang Anwen, usc ya-song wu, alpine, Xie Tingxi, Liu Huixing, AnYang gold, edge barram, regional leaders at home such as field construction, and various counties (districts), city, area) in (straight unit principal responsible person to attend.