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The third new creative composition contest "Oriental young Chinese dream" conference started in Lhasa

Date: 2015-04-29

April 23, Beijing writers into the campus and the third new creative composition contest "Oriental young Chinese dream" Lhasa division in the city launched a small.
Municipal committee, vice mayor, Beijing Tibetan command deputy commander HongGuZhi attended and delivered a speech.
HongGuZhi said, the third session of the "Oriental young Chinese dream" DE novo selected primary school composition contest will promote the city as the key in Lhasa, this year will focus on Beijing entrepreneurs lines in Lhasa, Beijing science and technology personnel of Lhasa, Beijing writers into the campus, etc. Series of beijing-tibet exchange activities. He hope that the broad participation of primary and middle school students, show their own literary of artistic accomplishment and writing ability.
, according to vice secretary of the Beijing municipal federation of party Du Dejiu this activity, the Milky Way, GeJing, Li Linrong six Beijing the writer will into the primary and secondary school campus in Lhasa, teaching reading writing lesson 10.
Activities, city federation of a small gift to the city the best collection of "competition", "song of youth" and GeCuiLin, Sun Youjun, jinbo, attempt, before the road, Milky Way, GeJing Beijing children's literature writer of books.
Finally, the writer GeJing gave the students a lecture reading writing tutor.