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Lhasa overfulfilled employment and reemployment work target

Date: 2015-04-29

Yesterday, reporters learned from relevant departments, in 2014, Lhasa overfulfilled employment and reemployment work each index.
It is understood that in 2014, 15550 jobs were created, Lhasa 103.7% full-year target task, eliminate zero-employment families and households, 14 people, eliminate zero-employment families 189 households, 189 people, continue to maintain the dynamic zero zero-employment families; Control urban registered unemployment rate at 2.2%, in the city development jobs in 15794, 315.9% of full-year target task; To carry out all kinds of vocational skills training, 76, training fund 11.6614 million yuan, 5705, training farmers and herdsmen, the town unemployment personnel employment rate by 73%; Entrepreneurship training 185 people, 123.3% of full-year target task, entrepreneurial success 18 people, entrepreneurial success rate by 10%; Entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities, 75 people, 100% of the target task; Employment of 14781 people, 184.8% of full-year target task; Employment success of 8918 people, 185.8% full-year target task; Realize pastoral areas labor transfer employment 213482 person-time, 106.7% full-year target task; Transfer of employment revenue of 546.79 million yuan, 130.2% of full-year target task; Carry out professional skill appraisal of 1034 people, 206.8% full-year target task.