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Yak Hotel Lhasa is located on Beijing East Road, Lhasa. It belongs to the bustling center of Lhasa's old town.

Yak Hotel has more than 100 comfortable rooms (suites). The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, direct dial telephones and 24-hour hot water. As the earliest designated foreign-related unit in Tibet, Yak Hotel's hardware facilities and software services are well-known both in the district and abroad, and even internationally. You can easily find the introduction of Yak Hotel in many famous tourist guide books today.

Since the strong acquisition and takeover of the powerful Tibet Shenhu Company, it has injected new vitality into the management mode and sales channels of Yak Hotel, and has been rebuilt and expanded in 2004. It now receives an average of more than 40,000 guests. After many years of hard work, he became a 'China Top 100 Tourist Hotel Member Unit' and was awarded the title of 'China Top 100 Tourist Hotel' by the China Tourism Forum Organizing Committee in November 2007!
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  • lan1989
    Following information for other live guest reference; room within didn't WiFi (only Hall to with), didn't air conditioning (try had, wall Shang of air conditioning switch bad makes), TV is vintage of (big butt that), room within no main lamp is dark, away from eight profile street is near (opposite is, location in Ramoche and Jokhang Temple middle), hot sufficient, bed is normal Samsung hotel of degree, overall down think not like is foreign Samsung of hotel, except decoration than Green Brigade better, environment slightly AnnPeace, others on the youth level ... ... It is quite disappointing, price is not high
  • f1593570327
    On the third day of the hotel is very good, very close to where
  • ada791021
    Good location, near the Barkhor, is convenient for the Jokhang Ramoche Temple, in Beijing on the road with the Potala Palace. the hotel is decorated with rich Tibetan culture. store special guests, we had booked a standard room, a partner in Aden leg store take care of us in the business standard room on the first floor, thank you
  • e00825383
    First, what can I swear? Worst hotel ever, said Samsung, rather than 90 town guest houses, small and dirty room, air conditioning is still taped to the paper not to use room an unpleasant smell, and if you're daring enough, you can try the Devil's room. Floor no lift, luggage, run 3-kilometer.
  • ciwei
    Old hotel, convenient hot water well
  • carllx
    The location was excellent, go out the the street, away from the Jokhang Temple is very near!
  • sweetcapic
    Lasabi good hotel, location is high, particularly large number of foreigners
  • cao2003wei
    Service is very good, waiters carry the luggage to your room, health is very clean, but the room WiFi can not login? ' can only be used in the lobby, there is a bar next to me, did a lot of foreigners, cost-effective high. comprehensive full marks
  • cooven
    Friendly, facilities
  • e00149169
    Was very close to the Jokhang Temple and Ramoche
    To of day due to no room to has a between price 340 of room Street. into room sewer of taste is heavy, due to street room is noisy. House in of facilities General room is unlikely to. second days for has prior set of room not street of is quiet although room than Qian a also small but no taste also is think is good only is sat will modified into has squat will. hotel has himself of parking is some small out into not is convenient. WiFi also can compared easy. Hotel away from bigXiao Zhao Temple and balangjie are very close, not far from the Palace, more convenient. According to the location this hotel can also.
  • e03874531
    Good location, good facilities, has N times checked.
  • subway
    Good location, good service
  • asolivine
    It's OK
  • d04316662
    Location, bed, large room, is a squat, no breakfast, do not ask to live in.
  • iceberg523
    Location is very good,
  • lu_yin
    Good, good
  • live2tell
    Good location, reasonable price
  • avionfay
    Good location, big, Ramoche Temple, Barkhor Street is very close.
  • idayang810903
    Old hotel, bed very comfortable good location for tourist travel is room only one socket is very inconvenient
  • astar_yan
    Hotel really is said only four words, not complimented! really except location, Samsung didn't see any shadows than standard fast chain hotels!
  • fragjjoe
    Good location, easy to go to the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Ramoche.
  • Polaristar
    All right
  • neroli82
    This is the hotel in Lhasa I live in the most cost-effective, very good
  • antony09
    Good location, big, Ramoche Temple, Barkhor Street is very close.
  • vippitt
    The location is good, room is more hygienic. services in General, but on Tibet as a whole. overall recommended
  • linlinsoleil
  • wwj243
    Clean if the hair dryer can be equipped with a few more would be nice
  • caster36
    Outdated facilities, generally
  • force
    Although no arrangement 9306, but arrange 206, the same room, not the same strong butter flavor in taste-House, haunted!
  • may414
    Like this, nice
  • jayj.c.lin
    Clause Deluxe standard room was facing the street, noisy, and the beds are soft, later changed to the rear floor is much quieter, but stairs and Super Saints. location on main street, eat no more in front of Jokhang Temple.
  • sevengle
    Overall good, facility slightly old, easy parking
  • or123
    Lhasa, one of the earliest international hotel facilities may be older, but absolutely safe
  • e01328622
    Overall is good ... Good location
  • Alice2048
    Distance is close to the Jokhang Temple every day to sit in the Sun, take pictures
  • fwei611
    The internet connection (wifi) is really a shame for a hotel of this class. According to staff it should work in the lobby only, but most of the time it did not even work there (therefore it occaisionally worked in the rooms).
  • Alexandre
    Nice and convenient
  • cfydm
    Perfect location, very close to the Jokhang Temple, a 10-minute walk way. old hotel, I live in 4 floor no lift. good health, sewer, acceptable. higher cost, and renew the 2nd.
  • mandy Minmin 2010
    For other hotels, is said to be good.
  • Spancer
    Now the price is right! continue to daze, Sun
  • C.Roy
    Good location, easy access! equipment a little bit old! but can also!
  • anyisunye
    Room is only a charge socket. There is no elevator, high back can be hard
  • lan6004
    Room a bit small
  • wxxjll
    In Lhasa is famous, many foreigners, high season is not easy to
  • dmrmail
    The whole environment is very good, I lived in Lhasa, with the best value for money hotels
  • adaleo
    Very satisfied 1. affordable 2. clean quilt super clean 3. water was hot 4. accessibility
  • danny2009
    Good location, rooms like it!
  • jiajia1026
    Which is very nice
  • Jecy-gao
    Bathroom is too poor and there is no elevator was high with luggage up to the third floor ... Thanks to only two days OK not bad